Sunday, June 01, 2008

171. Butterfly Photograph That Goes in Vic's Photoportfolio, Coldwater Canyon, Santa Barbara, California

Hike with ~#~ June 1, 2008. There was this "sunbathing" butterfly spotted by ~#~ and I started to take tons of pictures. I could say 50 of them were crxp, but I took this one photograph that was a total luck shot. I know I modified it, but oh well. It's the first photograph of this series above. It is SOOO difficult to take pictures of these hyperactive butterflies. Sheesh. I wish I knew the name of the butterfly. Process of elimination. It's not a monarch, nor is it a swallowtail. I guess I have a few million other options. This is by far the most intriguing butterfly picture I have taken--given constraints in technology. I don't even have a macro lens for my Nikon D80, but even managed to take such a picture. Wait till I have a macro lens. Power to me man.
At one point ~#~ said there's no point in taking pictures because you can find the pictures on line. I don't agree. But I don't think he stated this seriously. First of all, I am trying to claim ownership of my own experiences and reality and not rely on others for pictures. The only reality that truly exists is my own, not others. So, I will continue trying to create my own reality through photography. Secondly, when it comes to publishing stuff and creating films, it's best to have your own original footage. You don't have to deal with copyright laws or paying any outrageous prices to use other people's work. So, I'll keep taking pictures of pretty butterflies :-). And everything else that's not stereotypically girly out in the non-human world. Sheesh.

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