Sunday, June 29, 2008

229. Pilot Season First Annual Santa Barbara Write-off Reality Show Competition, Day 1, Coming of Age Moment, Anorexic Academic

Pdf to Anorexic Academic.

On the first day, there were about 50 participants. Half were eliminated. After day 1, a core 20 individuals stuck out with the contest to its entirety. I had never been a part of a writing "think tank" before, I know I want this kind of experience to be a part of my future. I feel like I will be writing for an entire year, just to prepare myself for the Second Annual Santa Barbara Write Off Reality Show Competition!

The theme of the first day is to write about a Coming of Age Moment. Either I was going to perform Beautiful Boy or Anorexic Academic. I ended up doing something serious--Anorexic Academic.

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