Monday, July 07, 2008

235. Essay Sent to The New Yorker, "The Tragedy of Celebrity"

I don't know how I got to be so inspired to write this essay on The Tragedy of Celebrity, of course, from my Biologically Incorrect point of view, but I did it. And not only that, I took a step further. I told my dad and a couple of people about the essay I was writing and I was recommended to submit this to The New Yorker. Wow. Straight to the top. That's a big leap. He he. Oh well. I did. Since my confidence is so low and the likelihood of being published is SOOO slim, I decided that I best not wait a response and already resume with my life, assuming rejection. But given the alternative hypothesis of acceptance--which is about 1/10,000 odds (I am formulating probabilities from my behind) I shall swiftly drop and unpublish this particular blog and let others enjoy reading via New Yorker format.

Here is the entire 5-page essay below. I just attached the first two pages above.

It's the first time I ever submitted anything to The New Yorker. I'm still in shock. I assume rejection, but success will dramatically improve with each attempt :-).
Now, I must get back on task!

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