Saturday, July 26, 2008

239. "First" Photopoetry Piece: "Jackaranda Bloom" Poem

Final Piece.
Original photograph used. Pretty boring on its own. Photoshop can do amazing things!
Original poem.
Pdf file of original poem.

Wow. Photopoetry has SO many layers to it. Bajeezus. First you have to be inspired. Then you have to formulate inspiration words and spacetime into a poem. Then you have to take a picture. Or you are simultaneously taking a picture and crafting a poem. Some things can go out of order. Then in your frantic efforts of data management, you have to match your finalized poem with a finalized photoshopped picture. You merge and integrate the layers. Then you have a final piece. It's as if I am composing a piece of music.

I had three old photopoems I created through powerpoint. But let's just say those were simple test runs and the origins of getting into good habits. They don't necessarily need to see the light of Internet's day. He he.

I suppose this is a form of storyboarding. In future elaboration of photopoetry, my intention is to handwrite the poems, scan them, and then overlay them on my cartoons and or photographs. It makes the whole photoshop experience a lot more personalized/homemade.


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