Monday, August 11, 2008

251. Guide to "How to Sandwich a Manuscript" or "How to Self-Publish a Book on"

Above is the first three pages on a guide to self-publishing on Lulu that I have worked very hard on the last couple of weeks. The pdf format for the entire guide is below:

I included the Summary of the document below (so that it can be searchable on the web).

Chemistry Lab for “Sandwiching” a Manuscript through Lulu ( (a.k.a. Formatting a Book for Self-publishing), Version 1.0

Summary: This short essay documents Victoria’s sketch nut-and-bolts experience of publishing her manuscript, Question Reality: An Investigation of Self-Humans-Environment through (which can be viewed at Though not all logistical details are included, this essay is a great read in terms of grasping an understanding of the holistic “workflow” process of self-publishing a book, including of preparing your mind for a few, minor logistical snags along the way. This document can best help Lulu affiliates in two possible ways: (1) the need to create a more universal “check box” To Do List workflow sheet for potential Lulu customers, and (2) provide advice and a compilation of primary documents to guide publishers through the “snags” of Lulu self-publishing that are not overtly mentioned or discussed on major Lulu website pages.

In successive blogs, I have included samples from my Question Reality manuscript that illustrate certain stages of the book-publishing process (for example, a sample of a "Copyright Page").

I also included the seven crucial documents below (that are also found on the web) that I refer to in the above protocol because they include information on the areas in the book publishing work-flow process where I experienced difficulties. These documents, as well as the help of the Lulu staff, helped me overcome these snags:

Lulu's Guide "Mandatory Requirements for Distribution:"

Lulu's Barcode Specifications:

Free Barcode Generator for ISBN Barcodes:

How to Create a PDF File to Lulu Specifications Using Windows/Acrobat 6-8 (How to Embed Fonts):

How to Create a PDF File to Lulu Specifications Specifically for Windows XP:

How to Create a PDF File to Lulu Specifications, Lulu's Brief Guide:

What is Adobe Acrobat Color Management--How to Print the Document from Color to Black-and-White:

Low and behold, technology changes so fast that perhaps even these protocols will become obsolete soon enough (hence, this Book Chemlab is "Version 1.0"). I have a hard time keeping up with changes in technology, let alone keeping up with emails. Communication technology and the internet have added a dimension of clutter in my life that has left me supersaturated. My life rendered close to unmanageable for myself. I was a pretty happy kid before I had the internet. Every idea I encountered had much meaning and I had an opportunity to think about it. Now, I am barely holding to keeping my ideas together. Ideas fly by so fast from all sources and directions that communication has lost meaning--I am just another plasma pinball in America. How can I complain? We are all suffering the same thing.

Then at the same time, technological shifts can be a blessing as well as a curse. Technology is now placed in the hands of the people! Thanks to the internet and, I have the ability to self-publish at a very affordable price! Maybe I should just try to take advantage and build upon the blessinsgs, and try to tune out as much as possible the curses. Though, it's very hard. :-)

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