Monday, August 11, 2008

252. How to "Sandwich" / Format a Manuscript, What I Was Thinking Back in 2005!!!

Sometimes I wonder, "What in the hxll I have been doing with my life the last three years"? Fall 2005 marks the date I had a hiatus in writing the Question Reality manuscript because I returned to graduate school at UC Riverside, and "The Shxt Hit the Fan." I started to absorb more information (in geological subjects) and my perception of the manuscript I wrote started to become rapidly out of date.
When comparing Blog Post #251 to #252, I have come to realize that my understanding of book publishing has evolved greatly. I was "mentally stuck" and unprepared for how to interact with a "wider audience" in 2005, and now I am a Lulu Survivor, in addition to receiving widespread training on how to sell myself in 15-second soundbites and elevator pitches. Wow! It took me three years to learn how to interact with this rapidly changing, pinball American society!
Writing a protocol on how to sandwich a manuscript (Blog Post #251) has made me feel like the last three years weren't a waste after all! Maybe I actually did learn something! It was all just stuck in my head!

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