Monday, August 11, 2008

258: Formatting the Question Reality Manuscript via Lulu: The "Part 3" That Was Never Implemented

When I first started formatting the Question Reality manuscript through Lulu, I thought that I would need to partition this essentially 1000-page manuscript into three parts. It ended up that Lulu had a soft-cover book that could bind up to 700 pages of writing, so I ended up only needing to partition the manuscript into two pieces. The first section contained Chapters 1-6 (around 300 pages) and the second section contained Chapter 7-10 and Conclusion (around 600 pages). I am glad that I made "Part 1" significantly shorter because it's basically a hook to get someone interested in reading QR. The second part is sooo thick that it looks like a textbook, I embarrassingly admit. I didn't consider formatting the manucript to a 6x9 tradebook format, but I will consider this option upon my second publishing. My first round of publishing is an opportunity to make "minor mistakes" that I can get away with and pass off, but will NOT consider doing again!

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