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263. Formatting the Question Reality Manuscript via Lulu: Initial Disclaimers and Open Peer Review System

Pdf File of Introductory Disclaimer can be found here:
The official certificate of Attempting to Achieve Commonsenseology: individuals finding a consistent way of thinking and living in this modern world. Included in the QR manuscript. On the promotion of preserving individual uniqueness and Individual Intellectual Identity (III) in a society of mass production and homogenization and standardization. A concept that is emphasized at the College of Creative Studies (CCS) at UC Santa Barbara and perhaps even overlaps with the philosophies of the Montessori schools. It seems like the philosophy of the Montessori school is essentially my basic philosophy of film-making: "Teaching people to teach themselves."
Terra's mind (Victoria's extroverted fictional self) is Institutionally Unincorporated. In a megascale society with bureaucracies riddled with corruption, being IU might be a good thing.
Buz the "geobum" has got an Fud in Commonsenseology, a pun on the Ph.D. Essentially a mockery in what does a "Ph.D" actually mean anymore nowadays: knowing more and more and less and less of nothing?

A Question Reality rough draft banner requesting help as "open peer review." Placed on the IQR website, but might soon be taken down.
A Question Reality rough draft banner requesting help as "open peer review." Placed on the IQR website, but might soon be taken down.
A Question Reality rough draft title page requesting help as "open peer review." Placed on the IQR website, but might soon be taken down.
A Question Reality rough draft title page requesting help as "open peer review." Placed on the IQR website, but might soon be taken down.

It's ironic to think that these three written pages represent three years of pre-meditation. Scary, huh?! And finally, with the help of my friend, I had enough clarity of thought to extract the pure, orderly thoughts from the chaos that has accumulated in my brain.

I had to write this Introductory Disclaimer because several factors were concerning me:

(1) I was overcoming the whole "perfect book" editing and formatting. I started to think about the works of other great philosophers--Plato, Descartes, even Darwin--and I bet even THEIR manuscripts weren't even perfect in publication. I found a typo sentence in the manuscript earlier this morning! Ooops. Anyway, author Robin Kilgore additionally encouraged me to "publish with imperfection." The most important concern is to communicate with others and get your ideas out.

(2). I have been struggling with the lack of intellectual promiscuity across industries, which may be in part due to the "immense size" of systems and individual humans reach "saturation points" in terms of the number of other humans they can network with. For example, the old story goes that the university remains within the "ivory towers" without meddling much with society. Additionally, the New York publishing houses have their own community networks and it is very difficult to get into their ingroups. To think that I was being peer-reviewed by New York publishing affiliates and a small group of university professors frightened me. I thought the audience I was trying to convince, or moreso "please" was too small and their perception of Reality may not be that accurate (let alone them projecting their perceptions upon my own work just to get a stamp of approval on my forehead)!

I feel that my intellectually creative output (writing, multi-media art) should be accessible to a wider, "alternative audience" that spans across narrow, specialized industries and professions. It will help "objectify" the peer-review process. As a professor epically stated in response to the publishing of a faulty biomarker article in the journal Science, "Who peer-reviewed this paper? A monkey?!!" At one point in a dinner with Dr. Oran Young's lab, in attempt to describe or identify myself, I labeled myself, "environmental media, environmental philosophy. No, using environmental media as an excuse to do environmental philosophy. No. Okay. Environmental psychology." My roommate, Julie, finally approved. "Yes! You are using environmental media as a way to do environmental philosophy." I am essentially covering my xss with an "alternative audience" since my research is going to be more holistic in its properties--which is a head-butting problem when the university is largely riddled with specialists.

(3). The last issue is the concept of "interactivity" in media. Is communication a one-way or two-way street when reading books? When getting a book fresh from a printing press, it seems like the writing is static and authoritative and set-in-stone. Having websites to compliment the book makes the work more interactive. In addition, I am advocating an "open peer review process" and asked the reader to be a part of the collaborative process--also to be an editor and criqituer (I did this additionally because I "Victoria the poor graduate student" didn't have enough money to hire an editor).

Don't get me wrong. The Commonsenseology Certificate is not about promoting people to "think like Victoria" (people can absorb my work, and take it or leave it) but is emphasizing the concept of being skeptical and thinking for oneself.

In a world of globalization, homogenization, standardization, and mega-bureaucracy, it is increasingly difficult to pursue individual, independent endeavors uninfluenced by political and bureaucratic forces! The pursuit of science is corrupted to some degree merely because the individual scientist is inescapably embedded within a university political matrix. I know I am repeating myself, but I wrote Question Reality on LEAVE OF ABSENCE, aka "GRADUATE STUDENT SEBATTICAL." I had the opportunity to pursue whatever I wanted to for an entire year without the expectations of the university in my head. The true pursuit of science independent of mega-bureaucratic influence is close to impossible now.

So, in conclusion, these are the above thoughts and concerns that drove me to write the initial disclaimers and suggest and open peer review system early on in my Question Reality manuscript.

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