Friday, August 15, 2008

267. Summarizing Eight Years of American Politics: In the Name of Bush Monkey

Bumper Sticker: "Somewhere in Texas, a village is missing an idiot." A few nights ago he shined in China. I couldn't say "idiot" per se though. See below. This image is definitely a summary of eight years of United States/global management. George Bush Junior and family rooting for their country at the 2008 Beijing Olympics (New York Times image).
This was the only "cute" representation of Bush as a monkey. I am into cuteness despite the notion that Bush is another species beyond Homo sapiens.
A fantastic long-lived collage that will be the cover page of all US History Books. I think perhaps we should place Bush next to a "charismatic slug" instead. I believe these primates are so conscious of this collage, they are actually insulted for being compared to an organism of such low intelligence. These primates could pass off all those crazy experiments the scientists made them do for a food reward, but Bush didn't seem so capable. I saw a ban of monkeys protesting in front of the capital a few years ago and were mysteriously locked away. Or maybe that was a governance revenge nightmare I had a few nights ago... Hmmm....

I think this is a good sign in certain ways--this whole Bush being president--because "If Bush can do it, so can I!" My friend shrugs and mentions that Bush is just being a puppet to a group of behind-the-scenes brains with very selfish agendas. Anyway, hoorah for hope! If a charismatic slug can do it, then so can I! I wrote an essay in elementary school about what I would do if I were president. I devoted half the essay as to why I DIDN'T want to be president. So, I would only do it under the condition of necessity and survival, individually and collectively. After Bush, I am starting to feel the pressure--not necessarily me, but get AT LEAST a primate in office. No more slugs with brains backing it up and worshipping it.

I was supposd to write a short story called The Elephant and the Oak Tree, which will be an EPIC short story, but I must pause and clean out my computer and the chaos all around me, to some degree. Within the last couple of weeks, Ihave constructed little "islands of Reality" amidst the chaos and need to edit these pieces and put them away. Kind of "warm up" and "set aside" exercises.

I started writing a reflection on the 8-years of Bush Monkey and how Bush impacted my life. 9/11 live horror movie. Terrorists. Metal bumper stickers. Cheap plastic flags on people's cars. Iraq war disconnect association. Hussein. Oil. Destruction. Cheap magnets on people's cars "support our troups." Halley-burton. Getting harrassed by a big cop about parking my car near the curb at the LAX airport after the terrorists attacks. Increasing dichotomy between media reality and people's reality. THE ILLUSION OF REALITY CREATED THROUGH TECHNOLOGY-MEDIATED COMMUNICATION DEVICES. Worshipping Brittney Spears over scientists and brilliant think-tank problem solvers. Economic censorship of my Question Reality writing. Globalization. Enslaving other countries with American imperialist megacorporate agendas. Dumping our factory gruntwork on other countries. SUVism and NANOization of nearly everything (except for ipods and computers). China opens up in terms of goods and services, but not in terms of communication. Further environmental devastation globally. The Global Warming red herring agenda. Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth. Increased gas prices. And I am just watching this pass by, slip through my fingers. As if these things... were just out of my control.... I'm trying. I'm trying to do something. But people only listen after you are dead. That is a good null hypothesis. So... thinking about all this, I feel helplesss. I just want to crawl underneath this Starbucks table, curl into a ball and cry. I can't even stare at George Bush Junior talking for 20 seconds. I have to change the channel because my anxiety skyrockets. My sister is going to become a physical therapist and a shrink. Most importantly, a shrink. Shrinks are high in demand nowadays (especially in the city), given the concerns of the global arena we poor, sedentary citizens do not have much we can do about.

I started to realize that this topic of 8 years of Bush Monkey would be a very good Biologically Incorrect essay: "Reflections of 8 Years of Bush Monkey: How United States and Global Politics/Management Impacted an Individual Biologist." 8 years? My friend Tariel reminds me that we may not even HAVE elections this upcoming November. Shxt. Don't say that. I am already craving for a shrink. Right now.

I am not sure whether Bush Monkey greatly influenced my need to apply my understanding of biological and geological knowledge to the human-environmental condition, but the alarming circumstances he and his brains have constructed and amplified most certainly accelerated my need to know and link the natural sciences and social sciences.... :-0 Let alone, within these last 8 years, I started to study modern mass-scale human behavior--from the window of ecology and evolution--definitely not from the existing points of views of economics and politics. We need some shifting of consciousness and questioning of reality... for sure.

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