Friday, August 15, 2008

268. Biologically Incorrect Cartoon: Principles of Language Framing and Optimal Management

Biologically Incorrect Cartoon. Principles of Language Framing. Optimal Management.
Biologically Incorrect Cartoon. Principles of Language Framing. Optimal Management. Inverted colors.

This is the first cartoon Tariel and I co-manufactured. it came out of a conversation. I prompted it with my "save-the-planet-optimal-management." And he added his three-pence, which ended up worth it's weight in gold. This cartoon is epic (and hopefully epically cute, a lady I met who is a creator of Vision Quest stated that we need "new, non-traditional heroes" like cute little university scientists into optimal management: Terra and Buz) and will be a centralized piece for a continued construction of Question Reality stage script tentatively called, "A Biologically Incorrect Guide on How to Manipulate Humans: On the Principles of Multi-factored-multi-scaled Management, from Fetuses to Individuals to the Conduct of a Global System." Pretty long, but we can always chop off the subtitles. From disjunct micromanagement to coordinated macromanagement. *Sigh.*

I know I am not ready to write this essay. It will be two-fold since human leaf cutter ants have two-fold flows of energy: resources-products and communication. Management of resources and management of communication systems. Terra and Buz' little leaf cutter ant colony farm. Tons of fun in concern of a very SERIOUS issue. *Sigh.* The script I have to write before the Manipulating Humans script is "An Ecology of Size: How to Rebuild Life on Earth and Human-Environmental Systems with some Legoes." Shxt. So much to do. I am glad I am writing this because it's framing my mind to write The Elephant and the Oak Tree, which is URGENTLY top priority.

So, in my Biologically Incorrect Guide to Manipulating Humans... after Terra and Buz confidently display their business cards with sketchy credentials, they both start to retaliate and question themselves, "How can I manage the Earth, when I can barely even manage my own brain?" Terra remains in distress. And Buz tries to cheer Terra up, "If Bush Monkey can do it, then so can you! And so can I!" Terra sniffles.

Terra and Buz are worried about individual and collective human-environmental metabolism (aka "global heartbeat"), from mental management, to neurophysiological management, to ecological metabolism, to technogical metabolism, to overall global metabolism. In the book Cosmic Evolution that Tariel let me borrow, Dr. Eric Chaisson, an interdisicplinary physicist created a universal "energy flow metric" called "Theta-sub-M," which I think is the flow of energy per unit of mass per unit of time. Which is essentially "metabolic rate." I wonder whether Dr. Chaisson knows Dr. West in the Santa Fe Institute, who is partly spearheading research in Universal Scaling Laws in Biology/Ecology/Evolution. Totally aligned research. Amazing. I still get this childish thrill from connecting the dots.

It's all like integrative, secularized Eastern philosophical reasoning tools--medicine, feng shuy--used to re-organize fragmented Western knowledge. What a kick.

Terra and Buz further struggle with their ideas of optimal global management. "It's not like I have an ego complex." Buz teases her that she has an "organizational complex" and that she is the Chaos Police. If Terra "the bowerbird" perceives anything in her bower of the globe as disorganized, then she goes around cleaning and and organizing things. Otherwise Terra gets depressed and feels like she is a bowerbird stuck in a dirty cage. Playing chess and organizing systems--like fragmented, disorganized bureaucracies--is a fairly productive activity. Well, it's better than popping psychiatric pills!

Terra calls her chess-playing and lego-building of human-environmental systems as "practical imagination." Even better. "Practical science fiction." These activities must be perceived as practical science fiction simply because how can the dreams and tinker-toying and lego-playing of a little girl and boy with no inherited wealth or powers change the structure and processes of an inert, global society? Consider it Harry Potter adventures with a practical edge. Eh? It's fun to reconstruct in the human mind. But just wishful thinking in implementation.

This cartoon is just the beginning on the Principles of Language Framing, and how shifted language can alter the perception of a system.

Key Words: cartoon, biologically incorrect, language framing, optimal management, how to manipulate humans, global heartbeat, cosmic evolution, Dr. Eric Chaisson, theta-sub-m, organizational complex, chaos police, practical imagination, practical science fiction.

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