Monday, August 18, 2008

272. "The Myth of Sisyphus Part 2" Poem and Song

Myth of Sisyphus II Poem. Page 1.
Myth of Sisyphus II Poem. Page 2.
Myth of Sisyphus II Poem. Page 3.
Myth of Sisyphus II Poem. Page 4.

PDF version of The Myth of Sisyphus, Part II Poem.

I just got off the phone with my very good friend, Oscar Flores, and told him how today, after two-and-a-half years of STAGNATION, I finally wrote a poem entitled "The Myth of Sisyphus, Part 2." I cannot believe I was in a 2.5 year--close to 3 year rut of not allowing these ideas to come out! It was in part a negative psychological thing to hold onto ideas for so long, but can also be a very positive thing such that you let ideas sit inside you to formulate to a peak optimal point of development. But this condition I have been in is idea-stagnation. Not only I have peaked with ideas, but even my own brain is BORED with my own creations. It makes it doubly difficult to write, and I usually need a spark from a very recent conversation or experience to establish a fleeting emotional drive to resurrect my interest in the once-stuck mental boulders. Anyhow, writing this poem was very therapeutic, and ultimate. I am sure tomorrow I will feel a minor sense of withdrawal for dismissing the poem. Though I still need to write the official short story to go along with the poem.... But there is immense time pressure to relieve myself of a whole series of constipating ideas. As my friend Tariel would say, I need a dose of "mental laxatives" and he certainly helps with the process!

The basic, yet powerful message of the story (that is trying to over-ride the first Myth of Sisyphus story), paraphrased, is: "Some folks like rolling up-and-down their stones / and some need to build mountains of their own / You gotta find your own Myth of Sisyphus / You gotta find your own happiness."

This story is very important. I think it is the onset of a first set of parables that will summarize in very simple, yet profound manner, my Questioning of Reality. It's my first attempt in writing to connect the surface with the profound, and to summarize a very long book in an adventurous, short story. It takes a long time to write something simultaneously short and profound!

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