Tuesday, August 19, 2008

274. Merged Poem "Deprivation in Space and Time"

I am not into "smoochy-whoochy" stuff too frequently, but I can somehow relate to this "anonymous" poet (for preservation of privacy). I find it fascinating how she equates to loving someone in the "present" or the "now" is essentially like loving someone forever, even if tomorrow you won't have the opportunity to love this person. I usually don't use the word "love" either, but it's late and I am feeling quite lazy with my language!

oh, i shall love you now, today
even if i can't love you tomorrow
for if i love you now, today
i will have loved you always, forever

deprive me of your skin
long enough
'til madness settles in
o' self-destruct

deprive me of your wits
long enough
'til insanity a'wins
thoughts corrupt

my mind has made you my subgod
can i help it
my mind has made you my shen-soul
can i help it
my mind has made you all my hope
can i help it
unreal, so true, can i ever let go?

I can, I can, I can----
can i help it?

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