Tuesday, August 19, 2008

275. "The Myth of Sisyphus, Part 2" Three Poem Versions and Poem "Building a Mountain of the Mind"

Pdf of poem: http://stokastika2.googlepages.com/buildingamountainofthemind.pdf

Myth of Sisyphus, Part 2, Version 1.
Myth of Sisyphus, Part 2, Version 2.
Myth of Sisyphus, Part 2, Version 3.

I guess I have really obsessed over this piece of poetry/short story. It's an epic story about Alternative Addictions, withdrawal, behavioral-environmental change, and the concept of repetition with the same information, or changing behavior with the input of new information.
I formulated the rough draft outline and the "Matrix" profile for the Myth of Sisyphus prose version. I think I will write that story after writing "The Elephant and the Oak Tree."

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