Saturday, September 06, 2008

285. Nobody Sits Like This Rock Sits. You Rock, Rock. I Heart Huckabees.

Speaking of rocks. Since I am in a groove from Dr. Lowenkopf's Writers Group. This quote above (which I embellished on Photoshop), is perhaps my "most favoritist" quote (I am being grammatically incorrect to emphasize emotion), from the zen Buddhist existentialist film I Heart Huckabees. Ideally, I would have liked to have hand-written the quote (which I will do in the future), but I am at Kinkos and without a scanner. At least the backdrop photograph is mine.
Modification of backdrop photograph. This is an image of the interior of a trashbag full of trash. I am fortunate to have attempted to make it look like some type of rock formation.
Still, a highly modified image of the interior of a trashbag. Rock out!

Rocks are currently very cool in the Writer's Group of Montecito. I will savor this fleeting fad and retrieve my old writings of rock, in atttempt to finalize these old, withered ideas.

I suppose in the end of all of this, I will have a small collection of ideas on the Philosophy of Rock, which was an idea I shared with Dr. Pete Salder about three years ago. It's funny, even though I have accumulated so much scrap work over the last three years, my ideas seemed to have subliminally developed and gathered some degree of order after all. I suppose this time of my life shall be a series of rapid blossoming of three years of ideas in the mold. It's already happening! I will enjoy this fleeting season, I suppose a once-in-a-hundred year event.

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