Saturday, September 13, 2008

294. Poetry Myth of Sisyphus Part 2, Continued... Poem Called Pure Being to Self-Aware Being, Spheres of Consciousness

Pure being to self-aware being. Page 1.
Pure being to self-aware being. Page 2.

This Myth of Sisyphus "Rock" / "Absurdity, Continued" Collection has been growing. It first started with a Myth of Sisyphus story-based poem that Vic read at Shelly Lowenkopf's writer's group. Then I read the "Rock" poem/song to the group two weeks later, and they were totally jazzed by it. I played the song for the Romantik music group and they were totally into it. Last night I recorded a rough sketch; it was very emotional and melodic, primarily because of my dealings with a good friend of mine who has been non-sustainably not taking care of himself (isolation, not eating, not exercising, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera), and the struggling health of my grandfather. It was psychologically relieving and my sister, Jenny, also came to cheer me up. Jenny said that my song would be classified into the "Starbucks music" category. Aha. Makes sense.
An addition to the Rock / Absurdity collection is the poem above entitled "Pure Being to Self-Aware Being" and explores spheres of consciousness. I told Ali (Starbucks social addict of Riverside, California) yesterday, "I am too conscious about my consciousness." I could use the death of a few hyperactive neurons, eh?

Throughout the poem (which I included above), I map out the layers of consciousness, almost like Maslow's ladder hierarchy of needs, arguing that human beings are ultimately visceral creatures with basal needs (air, water, food, sleep, family), and as soon as these needs are satisfied, we become mental creatures.

This also maps out the dimensions of problems: impoverished peoples in countries with little resources and infrastructure tend to have a "higher happiness index" (ironically), whereas countries with lots of resources have a "lower happiness index." If you have satisfied your physiological and evolutionary needs, you have graduated into the dimension of psychological needs, and welcome to the "United States of Prozac-Pill-Popping." Psychological disorder was termed as an "industrial disease" by a musician... I unfortunately forgot his name.

Other documents that can be included in The Myth of Sisyphus, Part 2: Transformations Into an Alternative Absurdity is (1) transform your fear into a question and (2) 6 billion ways to view a moderate cube of space and (3) potentially, the language of landscapes (4) the Alternative Addictions nonprofit organization (Vic has to write up more formally) (5) ecopistemology powerpoint presentation [maybe, maybe, maybe] and (6) The Peacock and the Bowerbird (which will be a transformation story I have a rough draft already, which will be my first tragedy about my [past] relationship with a friend of mine who provided the illusion that he could "see through the illusion," but in the end was ultimately making judgments based on surface-value. It's a story of double illusion, so it will be tricky. The tag line is "How far are you willing to define yourself?" and the themes are the ideas of intellectual wealth versus physical wealth, as well as male versus female perceptions of reality. All illustrated through the transformation from a peacock to a bowerbird. My friend, Hector Javkin, told me about a fictitious bird in Argentina that is equivalent to a bowerbird, except is more "functional" in terms of building a bower rathe than consructing a bower for the purposes of sexual selection. Anyhoo, the story is very Alice-in-Wonderlandish.

The themes of the Myth of Sisyphus, Part 2 is:

(1) documenting the protocol of transformation from the immediate self to the relative self

(2) happiness can be found from change of behavior and change of environment rather than immediatly resorting to consuming human pharmaceutical quick-fix products

(3) the balance of human adaptation to manipulation of the environment

(4) the psychological and behavioral ecological underpinnings of scientific practice, which is the alternative method of absurd happiness
(5) how living a myth of sisyphus part 2 can alter the trajectory of the human condition on planet Earth.


Victoria "Stokastika" said...

I re-read the poem, and I forgot one MAIN COMPONENT, re-create, then DISEMINATE, seek response, then adapt, adjust... and then STORE... "DISSEMINATE" IS THE HUGE MISSING PIECE TO MY LIFE.

Victoria "Stokastika" said...

A few more lines I am missing. Therefore I do. Therefore I observe. Therefore I participate.--include participation, a key word! Also include. I create. Therefore I store--the internal evolution goes with external evolution, so external evolution requires, sharing, disseminate, seek feedback, therefore adjust, further adjust the story. So, I have two major missing pieces here, eh? ya...