Friday, September 19, 2008

298. Poem / Song called "Black Wave" [of Bureaucracy]

Poem / Song called "Black Wave" of Bureaucracy, PDF file is below:
I created the poem before this week started. It reflected my bout of depression an excitement on the onslought of the hurricane. I was meditating on the stillness, waiting for the hurricane of the university to come. And now I am trying to endure it. It has thus far been quite a mental trip. "Black Wave" documented my depression and "collective brain" represented my positive desire to endure the mental storm. Surviving in the university every single day is a battle and a test of the survival of ideas.
I have quite a ways to go before UCSB Bureaucracy becomes Mentally Manageable. *Sigh.*
Elizabeth Wurtzel documented depression as a "black wave." I describe it as a cage or a belljar or mental chains. But black wave is very accurate as well. Depression is a multi-layered onslought, and writing is the only way to keep my brain out of mental disorder--just general overall insanity. I have to fight to float. Fight to stay on par.

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