Friday, September 19, 2008

299. Song / Poem "Am I Here? Yet I'm Not" Fantasy of Rhizocephalan Barnacles

Am I here Yet I'm Not. Version 1.
Am I here Yet I'm Not. Version 2.
Am I here Yet I'm Not. Version 3.
Am I here Yet I'm Not. Version 4.
Original poem. PDF can be found here:
Original Photograph. I saturated it a little bit. Taken in Winter of 2003 with Dr. Armand Kuris' Parasitology course. The lighting and camera (Olympus camedia) were crxp, but photoshop can make a really crxppy picture abstractly beautiful. I have had a fixation on rhizocephalan barnacles since then. I fixated so much, I even wrote a poem about them. Sheesh!
I have been writing the speed of light to keep up with my thoughts, and during my journal writing, my brain came across the poem "Am I here, yet I'm not." I think about the poem frequently and dream about escaping my brain for a little while. So, the poem is of great comfort to me. I had a final version sitting in the computer for quite a while, but now it's revealed to all of your eyes, who ever "you" are!

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