Thursday, October 02, 2008

310. One Week of Encounters with Influential Art

Since the last week-and-a-half-or-so has been the most overwhelming in terms of learning the operations of human brains, and hunting down like-minds, I would like to take a moment and rejoice in discovering some inspirational art, and some very inspirational people.
Spring Sky. Created by Michael Krzyzaniak. Absolutely beautiful artwork. Some of the most beautiful artwork I have seen in such a long time. Talk about optimal distribution of pigeonholes!
Michael Krzyzaniak is involved in a band called "The Right Hand," in addition to having his own superb myspace at
Photography of Lydia Leclair, fellow Brennie and Environmental Media Buff. This is an epic image from her website
Simple cover of a new cross-UC campus literary magazine called Matchbox Magazine. Comes from simple construction-paper-cuts. Very elegant, despite its simplicity. The content of the magazine was "okay" but I am a scientist and think about the environment, so maybe I am just not the right audience, eh? I think it would be condusive to have an environmental literary magazine. I do admit the interior FORMATTING of the magazine was consistent and superb, just not necessarily captivating content!

I know this is kind of a sad thing to say, but it is almost like last week or so in the first week of school was some kind of scientific experiment of interacting with the masses. You have so many trials-and-errors of meeting people, and then your mind goes through this sorting process of who to latch onto and who to discard. And why. So weird. People. There's more than enough of a sample size. They're all over... and they tend to be easily accessible!


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