Wednesday, October 29, 2008

338. "Fall Line" Lyrics By Jack Johnson

I get frustrated consuming other people's work. American Society is Super Consumptive, even as a graduate student, and people hardly have any time to tap into themselves ans ask, "Wait a second! What do I think?" But I must acknowledge and pay respects the very few who alter my understanding and perception of reality.

I have listened to Jack Johnson's Fall Line probably about 50 times now over the last half-year, let alone the last couple of weeks. So, I must pay my respects to Jack Johnson, who attended UCSB! I hope one day to meet him. That would mean much!

Two musicians I have recently latched on to (thanks to my housematey Kyle for letting me have two Gigs of music on my computer) are Jack Johnson and Fiona Apple. Though his melodies are a little too mellow for me--I need faster pace and more emotional amplitude--his lyrics are stunningly thoughtful and "environmental." I did not discuss Jack Johnson in a music essay I wrote about a year ago, and I think I should have. I was exposed to "Fall Line" through watching one of my instructor's films (Michael Hanrahan) for the Environmental Defense Center (EDC). I was stunned by the immense beauty and brevity of the song--and the notion that this song seems to be one of the faster-paced Jack Johnson songs. The song also sounds like a tongue twister. I suppose this was a "mise-en-scene" song though one usually uses such phrasing to analyze films--the lyrics, the melody, the pacing, the emotional mood--all of it was optimally aligned in this song. EPIC!

As for Fiona Apple, this woman is just sassy and witty and just downright intelligent... and stands unique on her own right. I like Alanis Morisette in terms of witty but she is too angry for me. I can only listen to her for a couple of songs, but then I'm done. But with Fiona Apple, I can listen to her for probably six songs in a row. Fiona describes and endures pain and bitterness in her songs, but it is more soothing and digestible. And I feel I can relate better in terms of her emotional tone. She is defintely a role-model for me in terms of being a wannabe singer 10 years from now. Ha ha ha. Am I laughing? Or am I not?

Fall Line Lyrics (Jack Johnson)
Jack Johnson - Fall Line Lyrics
by the way you know that hope will make you strange make you blink make you blink, make you sink it will make you afraid of change, and often blame the box with the view of the world and wars are filled with fame i turn it up, but then i turn it off, cause i cant stand when they start to talk about the hurting and killing, whose shoes are we filling the damage and ruin, man the things that were doing otta, we gotta stop gotta turn it all off, gotta rewind start it up again because it fell across the fall line aint there nothing sacred anymore? na na na na na na na na na somebody saw him jump yea, but nobody saw him slip, i guess he lost a lot of hope, and then lost grip but now he's laying in the freeway in the middle of this mess guess we lost another one just like the other one optimisic hypocrite that didnt have the nerve to grip the things that that kept him wanting more til he finally reached the core fell across the fall line aint there nothing sacred anymore na na na na na na

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Tina said...

I love Jack Johnson. His music is so relaxing and chill.

I found a great post about him on Peterman's Eye today and I thought I'd share...