Sunday, November 23, 2008

360. Poem / Song "Tragedy of the Unmanaged Commons:: Tragedy of the Unmanaged Self"

Tragedy of the Unmanaged Commons
Is a Tragedy of the Unmanaged Self
This "Common Good" how can I bother
When I don't even have my own health?


I am no Sacrificial Lamb
I am no Jesus Christ
So I must take my own stand
Just so I can survive--

But when the cost of the "Common Good"
Comes at a great [exorbitant] price
I wipe my hands clean, cut the strings
and wave good-bye, wave good-bye

By the ocean, in the trees
Does reside my free mind
But the omnipresent "Common Good"
My form is strapped and tied--

It is everywhere--
A Malignant Tumor--
I was born in its Womb
It's taking me to the Tomb

It was an illusion of lying
To say I'm part of a Free Society
I had no choice to be born
In this Matrix Machine
In this Common Bad
Of Inhumane Properties

Back to the oceans, the mountains
Living in the trees
Just let me be, let us be
To our own Zion....

I must give credit to Dr. Osborne--history and philosophy of science guru at UCSB--who mentioned "tragedy of the unmanaged commons" in one of our conversations, which spurred this poem....

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