Thursday, January 01, 2009

371. Some People Need to Make a To-Do List for Survival (and I'm Still Taking Care of Visceral Items!) (Cable-Internet from Cox)

Vic's Sketch Self-System To Do List for more Visceral Survival, Version 1.
Vic's Sketch Self-System To Do List for more Visceral Survival, Version 2.

I still have a suite of paperwork laying on the ground associated with bills. Funzeeks! I suppose I am to be good and get rid of these issues before the quarter starts. Ever since my housemate Julie Ekstrom moved out (around mid May of 2008) (we ended up having the same advisor for grad school!) (oh! I miss Julie! She's up at Stanford! Gives me incentive to go up north and visit!), our billing system had become "decentralized." Julie used to have a centralized system in which she would tabulate all bills (except electric, she did NOT want to be affiliated with the operations of the bathtub-jacuzzi), and we would all pay her. Then afterwards, we established a decentralized system--which ends up working out, even though we have had sloppy accounting ever since--because the bills we are in charge of end up canceling out to some degree. Kyle is in charge of water and trash. Karl is in charge of electric. I am in charge of cable internet and phone. I am sure there are a couple of other minor financial charges to take care of, but Kyle has been very pro-active about things--like having a chimney sweeper come over to clean out the chimney--now we have fires in the livingroom! How cool! It's fun to see how all "transactions" work out such that there is a level of individuality and privacy, but each of us chips in towards creating a common good "collective" atmosphere. Degrees of freedom / degrees of constraint. Serenity prayer. Like a most routine theme of life. Especially in this world.
Here is some basic information about Cox Communications: 22 S. Fairview Ave. Goleta, CA 93117 805-683-6651.
Here are some Sketch Tabulations for the last 6-or-so months:
May 15-June 15, 2008: 72.99
June 15-July 15, 2008: 72.99
July 15-August 15, 2008: 72.99
August 15-September 15, 2008: 72.99
September 15-October 15, 2008: 72.99
October 15-November 15, 2008: 72.99
November 15-December 15, 2008: 72.99
72.99 / 5 people = 14.60
72.99 / 4 people = 18.25
**I think the accounting is simple and stable enough in my part!*
I know I have been horrible in terms of contributing to the Common Good in terms of Household Chores. I need to "mentally frame my mind" in order to get into good habits. The things that I can contribute in terms of collective cleaning--even though my housemates Kyle and Karl are stellar house-maintainers--they go above and beyond expectations--(1) I can take out trash (2) I can help clean up the bathroom (3) I can help maintain the kitchen cleanliness (4) I can vacuum every once in a while. I just don't want to be involved too much in kitchen and carpet affairs simply because (1) I am not a heavy kitchen user "I have an extreme love affair with the microwave, but that's about it." "Though I have a tendency to nibble off of old food on the verge of becoming stale in the refrigerator. Consider me to be the household mouse." (2) I don't own dogs--but oh! Mini Miss Einstein, Onyx Megafauna, and occasional visitors Bentley the Ambassador Dog and Jacumba I adore--they are my family and stress relievers!

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