Saturday, January 17, 2009

377. Vamping the Lulu Storefront at

Continuing the Fateful Day of October 15, 2005. First step is to vamp up the website, the fundamental baseline stepping stone to which I will be dumping my brain on. Invasion of internet niche space much like the Adaptive Grid Model. Having a website was before a luxury. Now it's a necessity. Existing in this planar field of cyberspace. Sam said that when that all shuts down and collapses, at least he has his field notes. Just as long as a fire doesn't get his office.

And so I was thinking the same.

This website was built on the capacity to love and invest in somebody else. It is a beautiful thing, but a dangerous thing. As I have mentioned more than once in my previous blog, I have chosen not to invest in any one particular island of a person, but an entire world of a place, a region. Santa Barbara. I shall never be 100% burned ever again.

In the collage above, I provided images of the Revamped and Old Website. PDFs are below:

I also included my Stokastika Profile I made through Google Groups. I have been meaning to put this up for quite a while. And finally, with a blank slate, I have an excuse to do so. PDF below.

As you can see in my Google Stokastika profile, I am chronically going through a Relativistic Identity Crisis. Profile is accessed at

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