Saturday, January 24, 2009

381. Notes on the Hierarchy of Reality (Poem)

People come and go in my life
like ephemeral actors.

But the infrastructure around me
that remains to hold meaning
are the emotional ones.

Of love and hate
and friendship and trust
and jealousy and betrayal
and moreoever a curiosity
that beckons an insurge of new knowledge
of multiplexed, dynamic worlds
I never knew existed.

There are those who inspire
and are actors in my world,
who I project my emotions upon them,
and if I am lucky enough,
they assign emotional value to me.

And there are those who remain
backdrop audience.

For once my story is done,
I run to them for their sage advice
and solitarity of critique.

It is all in the Hierarchy of Reality
the mind constructs under
its own pre-built evolutionary design.

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