Wednesday, February 04, 2009

384. "Woven Atom" Logos for SciArtS Group at UC Santa Barbara: Lydia LeClair is a Spontaneous Genius!

In the name of the borders of chaos and order....

Below is an excerpt I wrote alongside the logos I downloaded onto

"Winter Quarter of 2009 has become a very interesting, exciting venture, ever since the creation of a small SciArtS group, consisting of very creative, enthusiastic scientists (with very high energy budgets) who have a knack for art and care about the larger picture--the role of science in society. Last week we discussed the creation of a logo, and within a few seconds the Spontaneously Creative Lydia LeClair belched out an abstract etch that embodied "Woven Atom." It was brilliant! I fell in love with it at first sight! I worked up the logo in photoshop, experimented with different colors and lighting. Geez, I LOVE working with other people! You never know what may happen, and it can turn out SOOO GOOD! I attempted to create a logo but it's a bit too "planned" and perhaps too cluttery (I had no scanner, boohoo!). Excuses, excuses, excuses! Anyhow, I think as a whole it may not work, but the "parts" of the logo I made are infested with great ideas!"

I was scrutinizing my attempted logo and I think if I "hierarchize" the lines, then a more organize appearance may emerge. I think I better lay the dxmn demon to rest right now!

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