Wednesday, February 04, 2009

385. "Mindfield" Procrastination Project and "The Bower of Santa Barbara" for Coastal Fund Photography Contest / Spectrum / Wind-Teeth Submissions

Sunset Wave of Curiosity. Submitted to the Coastal Fund Photography Contest. "At the brink of sunset, the waves of curiosity overpower the ocean's waves as two students probe in the nooks and crannies of ephemeral tidepools during a low tide near by Coal Oil Point."

Mindfield. Also submitted to the Coastal Fund Photography Contest. "This image sequence entitled 'Mindfield' is the coupling of a distinctive, fog-riddled sunset along the bluffs of Del Playa and the outline of an 'eye' that is intensely watching this spectacle. We, as students and members of the UCSB community, are very fortunate to be immersed in an environment that awakens curiosity, beckons open-mindedness, and asks us to call attention to the details, within our surroundings, as well as inside ourselves--such fundamental elements of life that can be easily bypassed and shoved aside in the hustle and bustle of most California communities."

PDF to the Mindfield Poem:

PDF to the Mindfield Lyrics / Chords / Song:

MP3 Sample to the Mindfield Song:

"Mindfield" is a small-scale multi-media project I had undertaken under the guidance and encouragement of Dr. Barry Spacks (poetry and art guru, among other things) through a College of Creative Studies (CCS) Poetry Course. "Mindfield" has essentially become my "procrastination project" when I do not want to directly face my "major projects" that typically require more emotionally-stunted non-artistic endeavors. *Sigh* I will soon be submitting this multi-media work into a photography contest for Coastal Fund, a poetry contest for CCS' Spectrum literary magazine, and/or a submission to "Into the Teeth of the Wind"--also a literary journal formalized in CCS.

"Under your nose. Beneath your feet. Through the scopes. What can you see?" Lucky lucky me. I wear a beautiful bower. A beautiful mental coat called Santa Barbara--and more specifically, UC Santa Barbara. I am immersed in such splendor of an ecosystem 24-7 that I can dive in close to full-time into the ecosystem of my head, knowing that when I attempt to escape, All Things Beautiful await me. I had been considering in making such a photography collection for quite a while, but UCSB's Coastal Fund has a deadline this week for a photography contest, so I decided to gather a baseline of imagery that embodied the Distinct Details of Santa Barbara. (Several photographs I took in this series were from my undergraduate days, 2002-2003, with my first primitive Olympus Camedia digital camera).

Hmmm, I even had some promising photographs way back then!

Small projects can become very large... very fast. I just finished a fish presentation. Then evolving to just a poem. Then went to song lyrics. Then into a demo of the song with simple voice and piano. Now seeking a guitar player. And I won't jinx myself ahead of that!

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Victoria "Stokastika" said...

Today (late April 2009) I went out in the water with Jules. We went crab and snail fishing around Mission Bay, San Diego, California. Last time we went fishing, it was calm and sunny (hazy though). This time, it was cloudy and rough.

Jules said that I deserve a "boat badge," like some kind of girl scouts certificaiton. I am a good girl on the boat--amused by little amusing things. Like octopuses. Or octopii. Whatever. I wanna be an octopus when I grow up. For sure. Next generation breed. The octopus smart enough to not make a home in a crab trap and quick enough to escape being stomped by the boot of a fisherman on a boat.

The issue is on the first day out on the water, I wanted to make an "ocean version" of Mindfield, without much success. Today, when I was experiencing rough, stormy weather, the lines started to fall into place:

Every morn' I pass by
A blue field of weeds
In the sway of the waves
Of (a) grey storm.

Every day I pass by
T'white-wash shifted my sight,
And I wondered if I
Shifted my song?

Sometimes I come to see
(The) Om'nous winds in shifting,
The other times
The front morphs into
A dwindled breeze.

Sometimes the rocking
Of the craft
Doubles my race
To t'harbor's back
Or the sails drift me
Out (to the) open seas
Of tangled weeds
Of phased--

It's funny. I cannot write a poem unless I have come to experience something. And then all the letters and words and rhyme and meter fall into place. You can't force creativity, eh?