Thursday, February 05, 2009

389. A Clever Poem on Psychologists, Shared with Dr. Barry Spacks

Earlier this morning I was quite sleep deprived. It is a dangerous condition because I am socially desensitized and when I encounter someone I know I tend to ramble forever. As if I had undergone a drunken stupor.

I am sorry Barry Spacks had to be the victim. I even warned him, and he scoffed, "Don't worry! I don't mind rambling at all!" Man, my housemates' Kyle and Karl got me down pat. They know when to politely avoid me and shut me down and tell me to go sleep. I feel so bad--we went overtime in office hours. Hopefully I didn't seem like too much of an out of control, non-self-contained idiot. *Sigh*

What came out of it though is that I recited the beginning of a poem and Dr. Spacks just liked it the way how it was, so I'll just ditto the first lines here and call it a poem.

When you enter the room happy
And leave the room depressed,
That's when you end your relationship
With your psychologist!

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