Thursday, February 19, 2009

395. Poem / Song Called "Emergent Forcings"

My housemate Kyle challenged me to blogging about "forcings." The word is used commonly by geologists and climatologists (more particularly), but Kyle also extrapolated the meaning of the word into social settings--positive and negative feedbacks of certain assemblages of behaviors (like some aggressive guy's drunkard activities in a bar). I told Kyle that I don't know much about the word "forcing," but my immediate associative word was "driver." Kyle said I was dead on the T--to my surprise--because that was my "lay" interpretation of forcing. I then proclaimed to Kyle that his intepretive use of the word has now advanced and expanded the diverse vocabulary and fundamental theories of English Literature (okay, well, maybe not that far). Talk about cross-disciplinary! I was so inspired that I just invented a new poem/song in the car called "Emergent Forcings."

Emergent Forcings

So we have fallen hard.
So we have fallen fast.
From the very start,
I knew somethin' would last.

No great space and time
Could quite ever divide
The meeting of the minds
Inevitable Intertwine--

Emergent Forcings
Two worlds could bring
Unfathomed Creations
Of a Spectrum of Dreams.

Emergent Forcings
Two worlds can bring
Unfathomed Creations
Of Infinite Dreams.

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