Tuesday, March 31, 2009

405. The Debut Printfection T-shirt Printing Experiment: "Peace, Love, and Frogs" Etcetera on www.printfection.com/questionreality

Please visit http://www.printfection.com/questionreality!

Sample Printfection Question Reality store for Peace, Love, and Frogs

"Peace, Love, and Frogs" Collage

Peace, Love, and Frogs go hand-in-hand! A t-shirt specially requested and designed for my sister, Jenny. Also my first experiment with designing and printing t-shirts at
www.printfection.­com/questionreality. In addition, I did this because I started to panic about the likelihood of TAing next year, and that I will have to overhaul my wardrobe. I will only be happy wearing "fashionable" clothes that I designed myself. Not the works of any other mass corporate entityt. Otherwise I make no aesthetic effort: I-am-a-baggy-plain-­t-shirt-and-shorts-­girl.

Question Reality Collage

Why now? Why did I start this t-shirt gig now when I had this idea in my head for over three years? When I was being an accredited t-shirt designer starting age 12? Well, why not? Let's see here. I wanted to start a website and a blog back in 2005. I cannot blame myself that the internet niche space has been rapidly shifting, but now there are companies that hold a level of stability I feel safe to experiment with. I was waiting... until innovation stabilized into Guaranteed Quality.

I think I need to snap out of the "why" question and beckon myself to "Just Do It."

I have a NEWS update--a writing class that might save my xss this quarter! A "writing about the environment" CCS course with Dr. Susan Keller, fresh out of the English Department (strange Ph.D. dissertation on make-up in English Literature). Well, what can I say? This might be my ultimate backup this quarter given that I cannot stay in Barry's course. Boohoo. But in a positive note, this class is right on the money in terms of my current needs. There is a lot of openness and suggestion as to where the class is going, but there is also structure and work ethic. We reviewed the syllabus today, in addition to critiquing two poems, which were quite a maze to me. There were a few words I did not understand. Apparently the two poets corresponded with each other competitively and collaboratively. They both painted portraits of "urban nature" back in the 1960s, organisms immersed within a human society. I enjoyed both poems. There were some original phrases I found inspirational--as an armadillo roles into a rolly polly ball or a clenched fist. Most significantly, I noticed that you can project "your inner mood" onto the description / perception of the outer environment. As Dr. Keller said, "This is not about writing about you, this is about writing about your perception of the world around you." Yep, yep, yep. I'm loving the class already....


Victoria said...

Some additional notes on Printfection.com. I entitled the store as "Question Reality / Stokastika." The teaser is "Home base of Existentialist Environmentalist Fashion: Existence in Context!" Some key words include: question reality, stokastika, biologically incorrect, individualism, politics, identity, philosophy, self, humans, environment, ecology, evolution, earth sciences, change.

It seems that Printfection is based in Oregon and/or Colorado. The guidelines to formatting are found at www.printfection.com/product_templates.

Victoria "Stokastika" said...

Update on the PRINTFECTION EXPERIENCE, now November 6, 2009. Printfection has added a line of cups and glasses and such, yet it seems fairly limiting on how these products can be designed.

It's a very tedious process to upload my images onto an assortment of clothing that can be purchased online at http://www.printfection.com/questionreality, and I can see why I have been avoiding it. My Friday 3/4 of the day has been completely KILLED, mostly at the psychological level.

Since the making of this online store was SOOO mind-numbing, I began to doubt once again: "Why Printfection? Why not Cafepress? Why not Zazzle? Why not Spreadshirt? I reminded myself by reading a series of articles: http://www.squidoo.com/cafepress_alternative (the main article that convinced me to convert to Printfection.com!) http://www.creationrobot.com/2008/07/cafepress-alternatives-sell-your-designs-online/ (list of Cafepress alternatives) http://www.xmarks.com/site/www.printfection.com/ (another list of Cafepress )alternatives)http://www.us.meyedesign.de/designershop.html (elegant sample of a storefront from spreadshirt)