Sunday, April 12, 2009

409. Paving Over Une Mauvaise Memoire: Out with Failure and In with Success at the Origins Symposium! (Poem / Song)

Poem / song "Paving Over Une Mauvaise Memoire" is the first time I create a poem that was more like Franglish, the rule of the poem was to be mostly English, but have at least one French word or phrase in each line of the poem. The poem is about my experience of paving over negative memories with positive ones, that the summation of failures can equate to a success. I have learned that it is very difficult to write about failure until you have achieved a state of success. The PDF can be found here:
The poem / song "Anorexic Ocean / Bulimic Human" is the first poem where I clearly compare and overlay the processes of psychological (mental disorder) with environ-mental disorder. THIS POEM WILL GO IN THE NEXT EDIT/REVISION OF CHESS. The PDF can be found here:

Main Caption:
Before one can build a positive story of downright success, one must "get over the failures." My first embarrassing experience in Phoenix, Arizona was affiliated with American Idol (July 2008), which represented the most vile and base standards and ethics of human society. I dare not affiliate with such a venture any longer. And now, upon my return to Phoenix, more specifically, Tempe, Arizona, as a volunteer for the first ever Origins Symposium (world's largest popular science conference, spearheaded by Lawrence Krauss), I am ready to dismiss this past illusion of failure and surround myself with a positive sphere of utmost success. I have been productive with processing old photographs representative of my Highway 10 car drive from California to Arizona and back (from the last trip as well as this trip), as well as devising two poems I am very excited about--with the themes of connecting psychology and the environment, as well as paving over negative memories with positive ones.

Some Picture Captions:
Caption: Negative Memories of American Idol in July of 2007 and 2008, San Diego, California, and Phoenix, Arizona. Currently getting paved over with success. American Idol is the most intellectually and morally insulting venture I have ever encountered.Many American's want to be an Idol, essentially a mass-produced clown to be draped with the mass-produces products for corporations. Why?

Caption: American Idol Production Crew and Hollywood Mafia Judges.

Caption: Wildland fire-bathed sunsets can heal wounded souls. To think that I almost made it past the first round in San Diego singing "I would if I could" self-invented song, but flopping with singing a "Blue" techno song, which is essentially unsingable. That was a decision under a state of sleep-deprivation. You have to sing other people's crxp to become an idol and sing your own crxp--which is crxp invented by industry standard ya baby ya Hollywood formula songwriters.

Caption: Sole cacti in the middle of the Arizona desert can heal wounded souls. At this point, I invented a song, Media Reality, People's Reality--discrepancy....What I also saw this year in the Origins Conference. I hold no bitterness any longer.

Caption: Distant, strange mountainous terrain (and nuclear sites?) in the middle of the Arizona desert can heal wounded souls.

Caption: Familiar mountainous territory near palm springs, coupled with towering summer thunder clouds can heal wounded souls.

Caption: Strange grasshoppers (cicadas?) chirping in massive abundance, embedded in the shade of a tree by the side of the 10 freeway can heal wounded souls. It seems like whenever you don't understand and come to hate your own species--humans--you tend to find solace in simple creatures... like grasshoppers.... They make more sense... more often than not.... As the cartoon goes, if you want a friend in Washington D.C., go get yourself a dog!

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