Monday, May 04, 2009

421. Jenny Minnich: My Beauoootiful Sister (Commercial Print / Basic Photoshoot / Zed Card)

My sister, Jenny, is a most beauoootiful sister in the whole wide world (she's my only one, but wow, what a lucky person I am!) and so I decided to do my second official zed-card-like photoshoot with her (my first photoshoot was with Patricia, a Santa Barbarbarian local, who was referred to me by Kent, the one-and-only rock crab distributor). This photoshoot at Hansen Dam (near by Sunland, CA) was taken two days before spring quarter started, in which I had a school-related panic attack and decided to do anything that was not for myself but for the benefit of others. Given that this was an impromptu photoshoot (without any preparation, additional equipment other than a camera with two lenses, nor directed theme), I feel quite proud of myself for this tiny body of work--in the field and in the photoshop digital dark room! Jenny was pissed off that I started to take pictures of her in a "professional way" and she HATED posing! I made up this Torture by my doing the Imitation Crazy Doggie Dance Video for her cell phone ring tone. The video was passed along all the way to Greece! Ahhh! Now that I look like a complete fool, I think we are both even.

Other Notes: **it was at one location **three different settings (by the lake, on the open road, and in an eroding gully with red-brown rocks) **late afternoon lighting, approaching golden hour, but not quite **since it was impromptu, my sister was not psychologically prepared, I had to delete several photos because of awkward (unnatural) posing **delt with one change of clothes / make up / hairdo **I could say the purpose of the photoshoot could be (1) establish the zed card / portfolio of my sister (2) sell some natural skin care (3) advertise some high end, casual grunge-geobum-field work clothes (Gap / Old Navyesque) ** Zoom in to Zoom out: facial, 1/4 body, 1/2 body, 3/4 body, full body, full body with context,

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Victoria "Stokastika" said...

I added a few more photographs to Jenny's portfolio: the first accidental model shot of Jenny during Thanksgiving, on our way up to Idyllwild--we traveled with Ray--and a sideview of Jenny that is more on the artistic side of photographs (not commercial) during Ray's last 96th birthday. Today is July 15, 2009.