Tuesday, May 05, 2009

422. A BaZillion Dollar Poem / Song Lyrics: "Unfabricated Fixation"

I am proud to say that I invented these lyrics yesterday. What I have come to notice is that I have devised my own philosophies towards "major themes in life" and based on my experiences and encounters with certain people, these themes tend to repeat themselves in my head, and at first they may be ranting journal entries, morphed into civilized blogs, but when my mind is having a golden moment, it transforms and crystalizes my repeating, quirky philosophy into poetry correlated with a distinctive-enough melody (the melody can be tossed... whenever).... Constructing music to everyday words and philosophy is the perhaps the highest dimension of valuing/pricing words--if not monetarily, then at least to the human spirit!

And welcome to the poem/song:
"Unfabricated Fixation"

"Love" is a word for very lazy people.
I need to 'explore n' define the gory details--

For white dresses and diamond rings
Are societal foofy [veneer] bling-blings--

How do I show my mind has fixed on you?
How can I prove that I've commit to you?

Without being another fabricated fool....

I am so ANTI-SOCIETAL MASS PRODUCTION and PRO-SELF-CONSTRUCTION. It certainly shows in my music!

Currently I am playing these lyrics in my head in a quasi mimicking White Stripes "Apple Blossom" melody--but only for the first line, just to get me started.

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