Thursday, June 18, 2009


Letter from Kristin Esteves, Indie Roadtrip Nation Coordinator, detailing Shannon and my acceptance letter for an Indie Roadtrip. The PDF can be found here.

So, the deal here is, BEFORE I sulk, I should CELEBRATE! I just "heard the word" from Kristin that Shannon and I were accepted for an Indie Roadtrip Grant exploring the Next Generation of Gonzo Scientists--emerging professions and programs in science, art, and environment/ conservation. I will have to talk to John Bohannon to see if we have approval to spread the word of Gonzo Science. I am seeing, after my conversation with John Richards, is that there needs to be a DISCUSSION ON THE INTERSECTIONS AND BOUNDARIES OF SCIENCE AND POLICY/ADVOCACY/ACTIVISM (Lacky paper). Science as a culture. Generating a culture of science. And if there are any boundaries at all? So, I'm kind of seeing a blur. Honestly, that will have to be the embarking discussion of this whole film. A scientist discussing the blurry boundaries between science, science communication, science advocacy, and policy shifts. Emotional versus rational decision-making. I see that I will have to establish a mirror effect with filming.

Just met with Dr. Dick Hebdige at UC Riverside, and he told me these interdisciplinary science-humanities programs seem to be blossoming everywhere--UC Santa Barbara, UC Riverside Palm Desert, Arizona State University--it's just that there not "large" right now, and they are nevertheless NOT united--and perhaps a bit without direction.

Anyhow, I'M SUPER DUPER EXCITED! This news has really cheered me up. Now, I must go back to blog 437 and sulk. Yipee! Waah-waah!

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Victoria "Stokastika" said...

I told Barry Spacks about Roadtrip Nation. Told him how I hated asking for money. I have problems doing that. Like I'm a street beggar. But I feel very comfortable with bartering. I asked Barry if we could interview him saying a few key quotes--mostly as Shannon and I are message driven we must not forget writing for the sake of writing and art for the sake of art, versus art for the sake of needed change. When you pound a message, oftentimes the art is lost. Barry was really excited about this opportunity, and so am I.

I asked Barry that I wished I could interview Wendell Berry, the writer/environmentalist, but we would have to go all the way to Kentucky. Barry told me to let me know if I needed his address.

I also told Barry about the possibility of Charlie Kaufman, who lives in Pasadena. I told him that Kaufman is one of the view screenwriters who brings to Hollywood fresh ideas that could come from the adventures of scientific endeavor, most notably Human Nature and Adaptation. And how has Hollywood and the world has received topics such as these.