Saturday, June 20, 2009

440. Song/Poem Called "The Blanket and the Stitch" to be a Short Story / Inspired by Conversations on Local Fisheries Management

The Blanket and the Stitch a.k.a. "Failure of the Numerical Windex Theory"

The numbers were screaming a blanket
but I did not know the people of a stitch.
The blanket is a schlop of patches
but I did not know what th' patches consist.

I'm crying wolf, "Th'World's Turning Inside-n-Out,
The birds gone by twenty-sixty-eight!

And based on the works of summed noble numbers,
shouldn't we pursue a noble change?"

The stitches shook their heads and rolled their low eyes
saying that, "We all don't appreciate--

"Your hypermedia globalist doomsday
leaving the world in great fear and your baptized fame,

when it comes to local qualms, your view's just a haze,
playing chess with the terrain's a most complex game.

"Yet we admire your glossed, visionary eyes,
but globalists sweep o'er local sacrifice.
You've found a numbered gloom we fear and despise,
but in microcosmos, how-do-we materialize?


evidence' slim we're going inside and out ,
and the numbers of birds are in an upward bound!
A-change of habit and tune, don't you consider--
talking to your neighbor, and not your computer?

"And how you dare tell us all what we should do?
When we stitches-got years o'sky's ocean on you,
don't you even have a slim, slightest of clues--

how can you fix
when our patch
just simply ain't broken?

how can you reform
when our patch
just simply ain't broken?"


my numbers speak of a doomed blanket,
but do they speak of the people of a stitch?
My blanket tried to coat those patches
but (-th')locals shook their fists, and tried to resist--

"Think twice about your numbered panacea
before you dare consider cryin'out Wolf!
You may be global's Pixeled Godsend-- (amorphous God)
but you may end out being the top local spoof!

"So keep your
dooming and glooming
and crunching and stewing
to yourself!"

Can I replicate terrains of these layers
when-each patch is assembled unique?
So will I keep screaming those numbers
or will the knowhow of the stitches, I seek?

Other key words not used: maze, game, ambitions strayed, puzzles click, subsist, divorce, realize, globalism sacrifice resolution of the locals (and visa versa), NUMBER CRUNCHING COMPUTER PANACEA (cure all, The Windex Theory), cornucopia, man who loved to organize numbers, rarely looked outside his window and talked to the local community, stayed to himself and his colleagues, saw a desirable pattern similar to his colleagues, became famous because he instilled fear and worry in people but no one could do anything about it, a person called in the radio "But what do we do?" and he responded to stay educated-informed-go-to-this-website-join-and-change-a-lightbulb-if-you-have-time, he became a hero of the whole world because he discovered and instilled fear and worry without much of a solution (solution, starting with perception and frame of reference), visionary and of good intentions, the man thought in numbers and the locals thought in pictures and neither of them could speak common language too well, the man's potential name is Pilobius, tension in the room man's blanket scream versus local knowledge, must be "precautionary," do you speak to your backyard coat? "your numbers speak like an amorphous god," fear and worry versus "acting upon it," the blanket is an intricacy of stitches of patches

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