Tuesday, August 25, 2009

455. Photo Assistant to Professional Photographer Mark Robert Halper in Wine Country (Santa Ynez Valley)

Photo Assistant to Professional Photographer Mark Robert Halper in Wine Country (Santa Ynez Valley)::: Vic's Ultimate Photography Experience Thus Far

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I learned so much about photography in merely four days! I have acquired a heightened sensitivity for lighting and my sense of composition has radically changed as well.... And perhaps I have barely scratched the surface....

Here are some comments made in my journal entry:

Vic’s Radical Shift in Perception; Radical Shift in Approach to Photography
I was in my little box of know-how with photography… and then I was hired as a Photo Assistant to Mark Robert Halper… and talk about… getting thrown OUTSIDE THE BOX and establishing a new sense of direction and passion on the next level of photography/videography!!! Geez! This internship made my summer; it made me feel like I accomplished something tremendous this summer…. I just find it fascinating how I meet so many people every single day and I learn so little from most of them and then I encounter one character and I endure a drastic metamorphosis through the eyes and mind of one individual… and this individual happens to be Mark Robert Halper….

This experience to me embodied a rapid evolution in my life and my perception of the world around me, particularly through the lens of photography (and by default, film); I told several people that I had a year’s worth of photography training (e.g. through an educational institution) in four days, just through observation and acquiring some form of autonomic-autopilot maneuvering of lighting equipment for Mark (supposedly a very simple system of a light kit), observing the decisions he was making for each scene and each subject / specimen of interest.

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