Tuesday, August 25, 2009

457. Dramatic Changes at the Whereabouts of 207 Hillview Drive... Blog Entry (Book Volume) #2

Initial Advertisement for 207 Hillview Drive from UCSB's Community Housing Office (CHO) back in August of 2007.
Sketch agreement I signed in order to live in the house. A bit self-defeating because I was the only person who signed.
PDF Version of the Proposed New Housing Agreement:
Kyle was concerned we as new and old housemates were "not on the same page," so I decided to consolidate and write up "the same page." New Housing / Lease Agreement I devised since we have no individual leases with the owner of the household. Written a couple of days ago, being reviewed by the housemateys. Tina is a new housemate coming in, and honestly I feel like the last year has been a bit unstable in which housemates have been coming in and out of this box with a roof as if a kid were suffering from diarrhea... way too many housemates coming in and running out in a short period of time. So now we can all have some common agreement and cover our own and each other's xsses. And so there.
I guess what we need now is a "signing party," and every time we have a new housemate, we'll have to have a signing party... might as well be fun... food and beer and might as well clean up the house around that time too....

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