Wednesday, August 26, 2009

460. Poem "A Victory of Loss" Inspired by the MLPA (Marine Life Protection Act) Process

"A Victory of Loss" Prose Poem. PDF version found here:
The last time I spoke with a fisherman at the last FIN (Fisheries Information Network meeting), he told me that the FIN proposal was doing well in terms of advancing to the next round of the MLPA (Marine Life Protection Act) process, but at the same time, there was no reason for any of the meeting attendees to pat each other on the back, nor give each other a round of applause. In fact, everyone looked quite sullen, as if they were all at some funeral, or memorial. The fisherman then told me that the FIN's proposal success was great and dandy, but it only meant that fisheries-related stakeholders were allowed to pick their own poison for some form of collective suicide, or if not suicide, then a massive injury to the industry. And my being all metaphorical and poetic and being a hunter of paradoxes and ironies of life... I instantly saw value in this commentary... and voila! Why not write a prose poem about the subject matter?!!

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