Wednesday, November 04, 2009

476. Fragments of "Legacy" Poem Written Back in Fall of 2006 As Positively Influenced at LAP Records in Riverside, California

Back in Fall of 2006, or the beginning of my "Medieval Dark Ages" year at the "deathly age of 25--dearest me, the Quarter Life Crisis!" I fell off my own log and decided I wanted to record a song at a music studio... as I ultimately wanted to learn how to compose, record, and mix-n-master my own songs. I fell into the hands of LAP Records, a studio that was about five miles away from home. Though I had to leave the studio due to some awkward transactions that I found to be violating my own personal space, I did learn a few things, and at one point I was inspired to write a melodic poem entitled "Legacy," which was also partly influenced by the studio owner's creation of jazz music.

After reading the poem again... nearly three years later... I found most of the stanzas to be preachy, cliche, and overall unpoetic. Only two stanzas remain standing and worth revealing:


To be alive

and to know

that you're alive

is the greatest thing

you could ever


To carve a new trail

beyond your own home,

beyond your own life,

beyond your own space,

beyond your own time.

Referring to quotes from the metaphor essay and CHESS Book of Poetry. Shifting Baseline Syndrome. Once again. "One of the greatest dilemmas of modern environmental problems is the individual human's failed ability to assign and imagine a role--a sense of self and place--in systems of greater scales beyond one's own immediate needs, surroundings, and lifespan."

I guess the "good news" is that I walked away from LAP Records learning how to record, mix-master my music with the most basic system: Yamaha touch sensitive keyboard from Costco, Samsun microphone, a really crxppy computer soundcard in this Hewlett Packard PC, and a really crxppy software program called "Sonar Home Studio" which has more than enough quirks in it.... Music creation is a whole other can of worms. I'll open this can of worms... or barrel of snakes (the music industry is the King of Corruption after all!) another time.

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