Wednesday, November 18, 2009

482. Poem "Chamise: An Apparent Diagnosis" Coupled with Primitive Artwork "The Biological Basis of Perception"

PDF file for the poem "Chamise: An Apparent Diagnosis" is found here:

Blurb for the above collection of art and poem: "The Biological Basis of Perception" ::: Ancient Art Coupling with Poem "Chamise: An Apparent Diagnosis" Sketch Images Made in Fall of 2007. Featuring floaters, snakes, petal waves, the flowery wormhole, and burned imprints of inner nerve networks in the eyelids. The nose included as well. And no, I have never done mushrooms, nor any other hallucinogen. My brain is already mildly hallucinatory already, to my fortune or misfortune! "I am more drunk when I am not drinking at all" "If you find me at a bar, I'm probably the only one drinking coffee in the room."

Today I am in Riverside. Yesterday was Mike Davis' course in "landscapes and writing." Riverside used to be my "forbidden territory." My "land of failure." But through Mike's course, my once forsaken history is starting to return to me, in very slow, discrete digestible chunks. Earlier I jogged up Two Trees in the Box Springs Mountains. It has been over a half of a year since I trail-ran this area, and two very crisp ideas came to me. One of them was this old ideas of all this "biological crud" floating in my eyes that ultimately bias my sense of reality, besides the physics of light travel rendering all of reality to be "relative" and "apparent."

To think I had an idea back in 2005, then partially materialized in the fall of 2007, and then fully manifested as a blog containing a poem and a small set of images is just daunting. What in the hxll has happened all in between? Anyway. It doesn't matter. It's done for now. Off to Mike and Barry and Bubsy and Jules for feedback!

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