Sunday, December 27, 2009

489. Graphic Design / Logos for Biologically Incorrect PR

Wow, wow, WOW! You know what?!! This is very, very big news. I am just starting a new website entitled Biologically Incorrect PR at I was meditating over the quarter on how I needed two different websites, one website devoted to Quantity, which is this blog It's awesome for staying up-to-date, but many jewels and gems of my work can be quickly buried and difficult to find. So now, it's all about establishing a website that features The Best of the Best.... the Quality of La Victoria Salsa or Vickle the Pickle or Vic or Stokastika or whatever.... And that is what it is...! And FINALLY, during Christmas Break, I have FREE TIME, and I am able to pursue my dreams with *somewhat* minimal interruption.... Well yes, my family has been pretty big time-suckers the last few days... but that is legitimate. My aunt and cousin asked me yesterday, "When do you go back to school?" And I answered non-chalantly, "It doesn't matter. I get more work done during Christmas Break than during the quarter." And my cousin commented, "Gee, that's sad." WELL, IT'S TRUE! As I told Dr. Freudenberg the first time I entered his office, "THE QUARTER SYSTEM IS ONE LONG DISTRACTION FROM TRAIN OF THOUGHT!" True, true, true.... So here I am, during Christmas Break, working my xss off... oh, but it's fun!

I started working on the logos about a week ago, up in Santa Barbara. I had been recuperating from a week-long adrenaline rush in order to write a STAGE script for UCSB's STAGE competition. I was skipping a lot of steps, and so I had to back-track and figure out where I was.... Like the basics... NEW WEBSITE!

Below is the blurb I wrote alongside the Stokastika Picasaweb Album above:
The more I realized that no one in the world was going to lift a finger for me, the more I decided to lift a finger for myself. Over the course of Fall Quarter 2009, I came to realize that "The Mountain's Last Flower" (novella) was the first time I was "doing something right," in concern of expressing my inner universe and acquiring compatibility within the outer universe, the outer universe being more specifically the venues of media, ranging from book publishing to film production to the *gxd forbid* self deprecating promotion of public relations. Hence PR stands for (1) press (2) productions (3) public relations (my father added "press release" to the list). You truly have to be a multi-media-package-deal storyteller in order to survive... and this is my first attempt to performing this experiment "right." And "right things" of "great quality over quantity" deserve brand-spanking new websites, such as (quality) over (quantity, daily-weekly blogging).

Designs for Biologically Incorrect PR. Bird in a Cage. Vic's graphic design style has settled to: (1) median (2) daub (3) liquify (4) doubling (5) invert (6) gaussian blur (7) posterize/poster edges (with my thin-point sharpie). It's relieving to know that my "style" and "techniques" are stabilizing and becoming quite consistent... in a non-boring way.... Crafting the designs must have taken about a day... with some additional modifications... the "R" in "PR" was a little bit thick in some of the designs, so I had to modify a slough of images contingent upon that "R." I have come to realize that doing art is MEDITATIVE by default... my brain has be clear of clutter, clear of words, clear of stress and deadlines in order to go into MEDITATIVE TRANCE MODE. Doing art is SOOO easy for my brain.... Whereas writing does take some major brainpower (though ironically, one word is a couple of kilobites in a word doc and one image is a few megabites... strange....) I can work on a film for 3 days straight with 6 hours of sleep totall, but if I write for 6 hours straight, I by DEFAULT need 8 hours of sleep... strange....

It may seem that I am being "redundant," but I strongly feel that the "Squirrel Tries to Get Bird Out of the Cage" is THEEE theme of my life, so transferring the image to Biologically Incorrect PR is a no brainer. I have a few other images that I feel strongly represent who I am, but can be misinterpreted as extremely "enviro" and "new agey" and honestly I don't want to be affiliated with those stereotypes.... At the end of the day, I want to be known as a great storyteller and a die-hard thinker. That-is-all!

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