Thursday, January 14, 2010

502. Useful Philosophical-Scientific Thought Experiments That Cannot be Tested, Replicated, or Proven

Man, oh man! I'm on a roll. This is another list I have been wanting to make for a VERY long time.... This is just the start....
Philosophical-Scientific Thought Experiments That Cannot be Tested, Replicated, or Proven

(1). If Darwin had one wish from God, he would want Replicate Earths (would be very useful in the Sustainability Experiment!).

Please visit Blog 492 for more images!

(2). I can only know what life is, given that I know what life cannot be. Designing your own organisms and see if they can live (Jurassic Parkish, kind of). I had envisioned a montage of Terra and Buz falling into the phylogenetic tree of all of life, and they themselves morphed into all different types of creatures in order to test whether they could survive and replicate... or not. (Still yet to be done!).

(3). Planetary Systems reconstructions. I heard there is an astronomy modeler at Cal State Northridge who actually tries to reconstruct planetary systems to see whether they are physically and chemically feasible to exist in reality. How fun! (Kind of like Einstein, who theorized relativity, and then was observed retroactively, crazy!)

(4). Post-cataclysmic ecosystem and city-civilization (trophic) reconstructions. Hiroshima or Hurricane Katrina experiments are not considered ethical... though at the time, the situation beckoned such an experiment. This type of ecological reconstruction is explored in Mike Davis' Chapter 16, "Natural History of Dead Cities" (in Dead Cities, the book)... though I would argue to entitle the chapter "Natural History Reconstructions" since it was all about imagining how would the world look like after man destroyed it. This concept is also explored in a more recent book, "The World Without Us," (and illustrated book "After Man"!) which I thought was wretched writing... for example... the author kept referring to a world after human beings as "some Garden of Eden," blah blah blah. As Seth the graduate student said on a geology field trip to Nevada, "The bad news is the world is going to hxll. The good news is that the world will be a much better place afterwards."

(5). Designer Ecosystems. What kind of pastoral environment do you want to create out of Santa Cruz and the Channel Islands? What kind of Japanese garden do you want to make out of the ocean, the California Coastline?

(6). Thought Experiments on the Male Species.... been there, done that... to be indulged in another human being for a long time without even being in close physical contact... View This Blog.

More ideas to come!

I suppose this Blog Post is a continuation of
Blog 497, which details a growing list of very unethical, but very real series of experiments that are currently underway, or have already happened. Building on Blog posts with conversations/courses with Dr. Mike Davis (Blog 482, Blog 475, Blog 466).

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