Wednesday, February 03, 2010

504. Poem / Song Just Made Up in the Car "Contingency: Stokastika"

I had always envisioned to make some kind of epic funky geek song... and maybe this is it. For the last month, I have been consciously desiring to write some simple poem entitled "Contingency," and while I was driving to Ventura this evening, some melodies happened to go along with the words! And the evolution of this ditty kept me awake on the drive, though I was extremely exhausted. Lucky me sometimes music can pour out like that. I'll write out the lyrics, and head back to work. This Monday is my First Academic Judgment Day, and I really feel like I am facing some form of Philosophical Death or Suicide of sorts. Won't write anymore here... I may get "depressed".... (I have an early "primordial" poem entitled "Stokastika" I may eventually include here, largely defining the properties of space and time, but then again... it's very simple, overly simple, early-early-early-single-celled-organism-simple kind of poem... though it ends with the question... "What will you do when you're in the flow?")


An' so they say
Great dis-coveries
Occur sim-ply
By Cha-a-a-ance.

But this strange game
Of chance seems to
Favor those few
Prepared Mi-i-i-inds.

Oh dear lady,
It was merely
By chance you had a
Prepared Mi-i-i-ind.

Don't (Do) tell me--
Ima con-tingency.
A proba-bility,
A blank slate-before me
An' somewhere-inside me
An' somehow-outside me
Lays a dis-covery
A great dis-covery
Lays a dis-covery
A great dis-covery--

now... now... now... now
... now... now... now... now...

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Victoria "Stokastika" said...

An historicity.