Saturday, July 17, 2010

537. Music Experiment with WidgetBox, Google Sites, Myspace

Living as Memory
Oh my gosh! It works, it works! Download the mp3 through Google Sites, and then add the widget! Woohoo!

Okay then, since it works, here are the seven other pieces I worked on...

>>Unthrough the Soul
(Spoken Word w Abstract Music Track)

>>Unthrough the Soul (Spoken Word)

>>The Co-Evolution of Collective Action
(Spoken Word with Abstract Music Track)

>>The Co-Evolution of Collective Action
(Spoken Word)

>>Red Tape Manifesto (Vocals with Chorus)

>>Red Tape Manifesto (Vocals Emphasis)

>>Red Tape Manifesto
(Audio Plug-ins Experiment)

And all the music is innocently downloaded on

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