Friday, August 26, 2011

546. Biologically Incorrect REVAMPING!

Dear Family and Friends and Acquaintances and Kind Strangers who are so gracious to lend an ear to such an eccentric Homo sapiens as myself:::

As you can see, I have not posted anything since the beginning of 2011.... There are many reasons why: (1) I went on leave of absence (2) due to mental and physical health issues and (3) I'm trying to regain traction into self awareness and self-inquiry of my potential place and relationship with this universe (which may or may not exist, and all may be a construction in my mind) (4) while simultaneously meditating on how to drastically revamp and re-organize and tremendously improve this website (5) while imagining how I will be designing a Biologically Incorrect webcomic environmental media project--in which comics, a combination of the visual language and written word, can be used to explore socio-ecological systems (humans and their environments... and all the problems that humans love to create in relations to their environments)... (6) all in the attempts to try to lead a very present and diverse, yet quiet, off-line life, such that I can have a solid game plan when I return to being plugged into the on-line World's Wild Web and hopefully the University Universe itself, (7) but I am still having problems with anxiety and panic attacks, (8) but I have learned I don't deserve to suffer like this, so... (9) if you give me a paper and a pencil and tell me to draw a cartoon, you generally tend to put my mind in a happy place... (10) so the best possible thing I can do right now is just stay in this happy place until I'm ready to face the cold, harsh wilderness that's just a hairline underneath my nose. Scary, huh?

So, I hope you all out there can be patient and I hope one day to be able to create something that you all may be proud of and excited about, and especially to think that I have made one person in this universe laugh (ha!)--perhaps you may even more proud of than myself :-). Thanks everyone in my life for supporting me... emotionally, mentally, and viscerally. It really sucks to turn 20 10; life's re-assessment is not so hot.